Significance of persuasion in entrepreneurship essay

Thursday, 18 June 2015.

The importance of persuasion in business

In an entrepreneurial context, persuasion as an art is invaluable. Pervicy urges and implicitly calls upon people to change behaviour and attitudes in order to take another or new attitude. The purpose of the conviction is therefore to attack the world view of individuals in different ways. This is achieved by providing information to counter existing beliefs, as well as by moving beliefs with new beliefs. Entrepreneurship, however, is largely innovation-oriented. Thus, there are new businesses created by entrepreneurs to improve the world. It is not surprising, therefore, that in a world of persuasion, persuasion, it plays a vital role. This can be seen in the context of the real world through various credible reports

These reports apply different persuasion theories to realize the basic goal of changing people’s attitudes. Such theories include the heuristic theory of the system, the theory of cognitive dissonance, and the theory of plausible plausible. Advertigo announcements for the instance are larger, so that the printed ads are the main ones in the conviction. Kok Kok Kok on the basis of “open happiness”, for example, uses cognitive dissonance. This article analyses various aspects of cognitive dissonance in the Coca Cola Company’s “open happiness”

There are currently several international companies that have been operating for quite some time, regardless of the fact that

Validity of “Open Happiness” is not a coincidence that happened by accident. The rectors spend a lot of time studying the audience, identifying their needs, and determining how best to meet their needs. After that, they come with advertising, which correspond to various psychological theories. Examples of such theories are the cognitive theory of dissonance, the heuristic theory, and the theory of plausible. This nasal theory applies the cognitive theory of dissonance. The idea of this theory is that people can be sure that other users can create incoherence in their own cognition, and this creates a psychological discomfort. Such cognitive behaviour includes conduct, beliefs or attitude. In this case, dissonance is an imbalance that is created between acts and beliefs of a person. After dissonance has been created, advertisers provide consent by means of a promising balance between conduct and belief. Human beings need balance sheets and consumers in haste to buy goods that allow them to acquire the balance that they may lose. This concept is that an open advertising announcement should be in capitalization

The jung chosen for advertising is very important. Coco Cola’s target consumer is the entire globe. Therefore, in order for this audience to be captured, there is a need for a common aspect to be cut across racial lines. Thus, the company chose the word “happiness”, as this human need is global. Thus, this advertisement is for knowledge, whose belief that everyone needs happiness to lead a quality life. The goal of all people is to be happy in life, but to be happy, you don’t have to drink cocaine. Nevertheless, the motto of “open happiness” means that happiness can be achieved through alcohol

This leads to dissonance in the minds of the audience, because the faith and actions necessary to achieve a conviction do not agree. In this regard, the feeling of people is that if not drinking Coca Cola products, it deprives them of the opportunity to enjoy their happiness in life. In addition, the advertising has led viewers to the choice of coca coca products due to the advertising of this advertisement. Thus, the sense of the audience is that it is important for the realization of happiness that the Coca-Cola Coca-Cola should be pierating it. This mentality is awakenuted in the minds of consumers by advertisers, and this makes them feel happy with the use of cocaine. Thus, the consent is restored and they get a comfortable zone

The main purpose of advertising is to sell or sell goods to consumers. However, to achieve this goal, the company must overcome a number of obstacles. For example, the company must be ahead of its competitors, which include Pepsi. In addition, it should overcome the discussion of the health status of high-calorie-related products. Thus, the company uses factors to sell high sales of all time. Upgrades, excitement and happiness are the basic attributes of coca leaf promotion. Coca Cola products are now associated with the happiness of most consumers, regardless of the health problems associated with it. Thus, it is not surprising that the slogan “open happiness” was chosen by Coca Cola for advertising in 2010

It should be observed that human happiness is an invasive need, and it does not recognize cultural boundaries. According to Maslow, happiness is an important need for the human race. Coca Cola thus aims to meet consumer needs at the international level through this slogan. Coca Cola resistance, which provides excitement and happiness for consumers, is supported by advertising. He calls for the emotions of consumers because he promises to satisfy their need for happiness. This is very tempting as depression is currently growing. So consumers are likely to increase coca consumption so that they can remain happy

In two words, persuasion is a tool that is effectively used in marketing. He plays an important role in making people feel they have to buy a product to stabilize their lives. This concept is used by advertisers to draw customers to purchase their products, as shown in the Coca Cola ads. It addresses the emotions and feelings of consumers, changing them to match the seller’s intent with various theories. An example is “open happiness” with coca coca, because it has several elements of cognitive dissonance theory. The point of this theory is that people always look for balance and consistency. When the violated balance is broken, people are ready to do anything to restore the balance. Coca Cola violates the interpretation of happiness by the human being, while ensuring that the decision that cocaine is based on. This will improve the consumption of Coca Cola products

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