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If I asked you right now, Soo … What kind of jobs are you doing this summer? “What would you say? “ Any. Not retail. “ “somewhere in the middle of Toronto will be nice.” “I want to work in any of the big banks/accountancy firms.” Or, if you’re honest, you can say, “I don’t know.” See, this is the first mistake that most of us do when we search for work: I was a second student in the management of business technology in Ryerson. My program is quite extensive, and as a result, I have tried many different tasks for my terms of cooperation: I worked as a business analyst, marketing analyst, information technology consultant and project coordinator Today I found my niche in product marketing in technology, but I didn’ t always know what I wanted-and that’s what this post is I want to help you about what you want to do, whether you want to get a job in the field that you study after graduation, or do you want to get a “real” summer job to get your foot in the work door Maybe you’re wondering When I was a student of the 2nd year, studying my first term of cooperation, I came across this equation, which was the guide for my career Dream position + Dream company = Dream Job It makes sense when you stop and think about it Company, you won’t be happy, and you won’t like the job Company, you’ll be happy, but you’ll be bored at work the right job and the right place of work to be happy at work, and until the end of this blog post, I hope you can answer “I want to be X in company Y this summer,” when someone asks you what you want to do Let’ s get into the details The first part of the dream equation is to know what you want Now that you understand the significance of becoming more specific, you need to take between 2 and 3 hours to explore which jobs have excused you most Try to get something to fill out this statement: “I want to be (job) because (reason 1), (reason 2) and (reason 3).” , because I like it , because I want to , because I like it To help you with this step, you can begin: These days, I use LinkedIn to update money transfers of my networks, but there is another reason I use it to study interesting work To run a simple search, you can simply search for the exact title of the job. Then click on the multiple profiles that you see. Viewing the history of work and education gives you a good idea of what needs to be done to get a job You also learn a lot of useful information about Companies that hire for this particular role What this post entails What is career progression in this job? It’s all very important information that some people don’t even know until they start working Now that you’re in the profile of someone LinkedIn, you can usually scroll down all the way down and find a list of the groups of initiators that they belong to and the groups that they belong to In addition, you can Google “how to become [ title]” or “[ post] forum” and from there By searching for the resources associated with the job In this way, you will not only quickly find out if you are right or not, but on the basis of the content and interactions in the forums, you will also get specific questions and ideas to discuss with the professionals you meet-a good way to get your foot in the door As you take time to conduct your research, do not remember that this is only the first step. It’s just an exercise to keep you interested, so you know what questions you need to ask to miss this road.  It’s normal to understand that the situation is not for you, put it aside and go to the other. Now that you have an idea of the vacancies you want to try, it’s time to form the second half of the Dream-Company equation Similarly to Step 1, for this step, your goal is to execute this statement: “I want to be (work) in (a specific company or company type).” And I want you to be very specific.  For example: “ I want to work To perform this step, search for positions in LinkedIn again. This time, this time, focus on companies. Select the 2-3 that you want to work for, go to their Web site and see what they are saying Then, by your own words, you will be able to answer the following questions: What are they really doing? How are they different from the biggest competitor? What makes them different from all the other options that their client has? If you want to get the latest information about the company, search for Google News Your research does not have to be perfect for this step. You can miss one or two details, but what’s important is that you took away the responsibilities and companies, and you can see that there People who don’t know what they want, they want to give their resume to the black hole of the app: they either reject or never hear from the company. The main reason for this is that they are starting to update their CVs without knowing what they want to do But you’re different If you lay a solid foundation for career development and find out the exact location and company, you will do the best work that will make you far from all the other claims to work, just because you know what you want So, now that you’ve read all the way up here, you’ll take hours off your calendar and get a job!

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